Fitness Tips, Monthly Challenges and Videos

We provide monthly challenges for all our campers.   Download the current month’s challenge and join us at home!!!! Are you looking for some fitness tips?  Have you ever wondered if what you hear about fitness is true?  Check out the Fitness Tips Section Below.  Looking for workout videos?  Check out our videos section. (More coming soon).

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Monthly Challenges

April 2014 – Awesome Abs Challenge     Video explanation of AAC exercises:   April 2014 Awesome Abs Challenge

May 2014 – Best Butt Challenge

June 2014 – Back:Core            Video explanation of the Beach Back & Core exercises: Beach Back & Core Challenge

July 2014 – Cardio Challenge  Video explanation of CC exercises: Cardio Challenge

August 2014 – Pile O’ Planks  Video explanation of the POP exercises: Pile O Planks Challenge

September 2014 – Push-Ups Challenge

October 2014 – Spooktacular Challenge  Video Explanation of the SC exercises: Spooktacular Challenge

November 2014 – Planksgiving Challenge

January 2015 – Cardio Challenge

February 2015 – Love Yourself First Challenge  Video Explanation of the LYF Exercises: Love Yourself First Challenge

March 2015 – Amazing Arms Challenge

April 2015 – Cardio & Core Challenge Video Explanation of the April C&C Exercises: April Cardio & Core Challenge

May 2015 – Lovely Legs Challenge

June 2015 – Push Ups & Planks

July 2015 – Cardio

August 2015 – Total Body Challenge

Sept 2015 – Burpees

November 2015 – Planksgiving Challenge

December 2015 – Happy Holiday Hips Challenge

January 2016 – Cardio Challenge

February 2016 Amazing Arms

March 2016 – Super Squats!!

April 2016 – Push Ups & Planks

May 2016 – Biceps & Triceps Challenge



Fitness Tips & Inf0

Fitness Myths & Facts

Three Components of Fitness

10 Trainer Tips

Most Common Fitness Mistakes



Low Back & Core:  Low Back and Core Exercises

Foam Rolling: Foam Rolling Tutorial